With the new year almost upon us, now is the time to look ahead and (re)consider what your financial goals are for 2020.

Will it be another year when you don’t quite get around to sorting out your financial future, a year you look back on with regret — or is 2020 finally going to be the year that you start to invest in property?

The good news is that it’s never too late to learn how to invest in real estate. Even if you might feel that you have missed the boat, you can still take positive action towards securing your financial future through property investment in Australia.

Now is the time to put the plans in place to start building your property portfolio and personal wealth. Make your property goals clear, make them attainable, and don’t let another year go by!

Why have you been putting off investing in property?

Many of the people who we work with have let fear get in their way. They often tell us that a fear of the unknown or of not knowing how to invest in property is one of the main reasons why they haven’t been able to kickstart their investment plans. Not knowing the ‘secrets’ of real estate investing for beginners can be a barrier that some people find it hard to overcome.

A fear of the risks involved is another common theme that deters people from buying an investment property — and that is completely understandable. If you don’t fully comprehend what a smart property investment looks like, or what real estate investing actually requires, then it is natural that you will focus on the risks rather than the goals. Self-doubt can be crippling in this regard.

Listening to the wrong people can also get in the way for some potential investors. Horror stories about things that have gone wrong are not uncommon, and others love to share them! Likewise, there are always plenty of people who are willing to tell you that now is not the ‘right’ time to buy an investment property, or that you should wait until some undefined time in the future.

If you are someone who has put off buying an investment property for these or any other reasons, then don’t let this continue into 2020. Start the new year with a whole new approach and take the first steps towards building a property portfolio of your own.

How to make property investment easy

As experienced property strategists, our role at Power of Property is to make the business of buying an investment property a straightforward and enjoyable one. We do this by working with a trusted team of experts to whom we refer you, so that you have the best people on your team every step of the way.

Team is a key word in everything we do. We believe that a smart property investment is one that you shouldn’t have to think about, and so at Power of Property we provide a comprehensive turnkey service that enables you to invest with confidence. We do this by working with trusted experts in their respective fields so that you can be sure you are always getting the highest standards of professional advice, whether it’s brokers, accountants or developers.

Our many years’ experience in property investment also means that we are able to provide sound and well researched guidance on where to invest in property in Australia and why, focussing on growth areas across the country with the potential for high rental yields. We work hard to minimise the risks and to create a property portfolio that will continue to serve your investment needs for many years to come.

And as we work together as a team, our aim is always to create ongoing and long-standing relationships, and we love nothing more than being there to celebrate the wins together!

Contact Power of Property to find out more about buying an investment property

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