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Your 1st Home CAN BE Your Dream Home

Your Home – The Way You Want It

Don’t Start At The Bottom

Find Out What Grants and Concessions You Are Eligible For

First Home Buyers

Why Choose A Land and Home Package?

With Power of Property you won’t have to spend months and months searching online and going from display home to display home until you finally find what you’re looking for.  


We’ll show you a range of stunning modern designs you can choose from,  that will match your lifestyle.  Your new home comes fully landscaped.  Our ready to go home and land packages mean you can move into your new home as soon as it’s built.



At Power Of Property we’ll help you chose the home your dreams…all at a 100% fixed price without any unexpected ‘suprises’.  


Unlike other packages out there, there are no hidden costs.


Live Where You Want To Live


Fixed Price Promise




Unbeatable Guarantees



Happy Clients

“I’ve known Mike for about five to six years. And as Sim said, we had a simple conversation at a footie game. they both came here, we found Mike and, Danielle really genuine and authentic.

They have given us so much knowledge about the power of property and also the ways to reduce our home loan and mortgage quicker. So we really appreciate the help we are getting from them, as a result of a conversation with Mike and Danielle.”

Amit and Sim

We’ve signed on the dotted line to buy a property, a brand new two storey townhouse in a new development called Springfield.


So dealing with Michael and Danielle has been absolutely brilliant. The first time we met them I just felt this really warm feeling and a feeling of that I could trust them, responding to phone calls, you know, very, very, very, very important.


For me, a traditional type of real estate agent is when you get someone around to sell your house or tried to sell someone else’s, like we didn’t feel like we’re being pushed at all. It wasn’t like a sales pitch and that’s what I really liked about it.


It was just wonderful. It was a really good experience and they know everything that we don’t know and more of course. And so it wasn’t as if that were putting us under pressure. If we didn’t do anything, it doesn’t matter. They’ll go and speak to other people that do want to do something.”


Jamie and Tania

“Dealing with Michael, there was no stress, there was no pressure. We found Michael to be open and true to his word.


All our questions were answered. We, we weren’t pressured into anything.


We knew what we were signing and we knew the details in the final points.


Lot of nerves being first time property purchasers in Australia, not knowing what the details were, not knowing what the ins and outs were and Michael put us all at ease with that.”


Why Choose Power Of Property?


At Power of Property, our job is to make First Home ownership easy for you.


We rely on solid research, our industry insider knowledge and our many years of experience and expertise to make things simple and straightforward for the first time home buyer.


When you work with Power of Property, we start with the basics, namely how much you can afford to borrow in your current situation and then, going forward, how much you will be able to comfortably repay each month.


We’ll help you in formulating a budget, and we connect you to a range of respected professionals in the financial sector who will help you to arrange finance and any other services that you need to get you into your first home as quickly as possible.


We help you to choose the best property in the best location for you.


Once you’ve found your dream home, our partnership doesn’t end there. We’re there for you during the building process, we’ll help you tailor your new home to become your dream home.  We’re always available to answer any questions or address any issues you may have.


In short, we take care of just about everything for you, and make buying your First Home as stress free and as enjoyable as we can.


Your Home – The Way You Want It

Don’t Start At The Bottom

Find Out What Grants and Concessions You Are Eligible For

First Home Buyers

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