Save On Taxes, Pay Your Mortgage Early, And Free Up Money For Property Investment

Our FREE Property for Profit System will show you how to use the money you’re already making to secure a healthy income for retirement.


As a property investment company, we get this question all the time: wealthy property investors had a big chunk of money to start out with, right? 


Sometimes, yes. But most of the time, no.
You’ll find this hard to believe, but the average hardworking homeowner already has the money they need to become a wealthy property investor.


It’s true! If you have an income of $120K ($100K if single) AND have at least $150K equity in your home, I promise you, you have the money you need to invest in property, earn an additional  income, and retire comfortably. But how can you pay a mortgage on an investment property when you’re working full time (sometimes two jobs) just to pay your current mortgage? 


The “trick” to investing isn’t making tons of “extra” money– it’s using the money you already have to your advantage. 


Do you want to know one of the most surprising strategies wealthy investors use to finance their properties without sacrificing a good lifestyle? They save thousands of dollars every year in taxes alone. 


Saving on taxes and paying your mortgage(s) early is essentially “catching” your money before it falls through the cracks (and into the hands of the government and banks) and re-directing it towards your own investments. 


The next concern we inevitably get after mentioning tax savings is, “that sounds complicated.”

It can be if you don’t have someone experienced to help you navigate it. That’s why a lot of people fail at property investing. They might buy a fixer-upper to flip, but down the line, they begin to lose money left and right; it’s because they don’t know how to use the tax laws to add money to their pockets! 


That’s what the Property for Profit System is all about. 


This is How The Property for Profit System Can Show You How
To Save Money on Taxes and Retire Wealthy


Power Of Property Investment is offering a selective, FREE program only for Australians who earn $120K (or $100K if single) AND have $150K or more in home equity.  

Our experience shows us that these are the “magic numbers” representing people who are financially secure enough to begin an investment portfolio. 

So, if you meet these criteria, let us show you how to:


• Pay off your mortgage in 7-10 years (and learn from someone who did it in 6 years)

• Legally pay less tax and divert that money into paying down your investment properties

• Create income-generating assets for retirement well before you reach retirement age

Set yourself up so you can decide when you stop working for a boss… (imagine what you would do if you  didn’t have to go to your current job every day!)

• Enjoy retirement instead of trying to scrape by on government meagre Age Pensions or Superfunds

• Leave money to your family so they don’t have to struggle! 


The information we offer in the Property for Profit System is a step-by-step guide to go from owning one home and scraping together enough to make mortgage payments to pay off that same mortgage in just 7-10 years, buy an investment property, and save enough in taxes to pay down the new mortgage.


You can see how this system would quickly add new properties to your investment portfolio and start generating a strong automatic income for retirement. All you have to do is get started, and we can help!


We Have More Than 20 Years Of Combined Experience Showing People How To Build Wealth Through Property Investment


Making the most of your money is easy with Power Of Property Investment in your corner. We help you every step of the way so you’re set up for success.

Power Of Property Investment has a proven system that has helped thousands of people over the years reach their financial goals. Here’s why we see such high success rates:


Customised Plans
We don’t give general, one-plan-fits-all solutions . Your goals, your numbers, your personalised solutions.


Access to Closed-Door Opportunities
We carefully select and screen all of our properties to ensure you’re getting a tenant-friendly property which will always be in demand, and with rent guaranteed for 1-5 years.


Ongoing Support
Most people fail at property investment because they don’t have someone to mentor them at every stage. We stick with you through the whole process, right through to putting a tenant in your new rental property. 

With us, you never have to figure things out “the hard way”.


Regular Progress Updates
You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are, so we use our expertise to monitor your progress and recommend course corrections as needed to keep you on track to reach your financial freedom goals. 


Exclusive Clientele
We are only accepting people for the Property for Profit System strategy session who can really benefit. 

We have no intention of stringing anyone along— it’s a free service offered to the right people who have the means and drive to create wealth but need knowledge and opportunity.



Why Should You Listen To Us?


Well, it’s simple, our team has been helping people create wealth, save on taxes, pay off their mortgages sooner, and retire earlier (all whilst maintaining their lifestyle), for a combined total of over 20 years. 


As you can imagine, we’ve learned a few valuable lessons over that time. Lessons that got us where we are today. Honestly, it’s those lessons that lead us to create the Property for Profit System.


Power Of Property Investment was founded by Michael Lawton, who was on a personal mission to grow his wealth.


Once he discovered the best way to use property investment to grow wealth, he started Power Of Property Investment. The goal— to help everyday hardworking Aussies to do the same… but faster, and without having to make the mistakes most people make when they’re starting out. 


Recent Investor Success Stories

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About Power Of Property

At Power of Property, our job is to make smart property investment easy, especially for people who are only just starting to build a property portfolio.


We rely on solid research, thorough background knowledge and unrivalled experience and expertise to make things simple and straightforward for the first time property investor.


When you work with Power of Property, we start with the fundamentals, namely how much you can afford to borrow in your current situation and then, going forward, how much you will be able to repay each month.


We also assist you in formulating a budget, and connect you to a range of respected professionals in the financial sector who will help you to arrange finance and any other services you require in order to get the process moving.


Our team will then work with you to devise an ongoing investment strategy based on your current circumstances and financial goals, and to find a range of suitable properties that will meet your needs. We’ll then help you to choose a suitable property that matches your criteria, and which will provide sufficient rental yields to make your investment manageable.


Once you’ve found the right investment property, our partnership doesn’t end there. We can help you to hire an efficient property manager who will take care of maintenance on your property and find tenants on your behalf, and we will also undertake annual reviews of your investment to ensure that it is continuing to perform in the way you want.


In short, we take care of just about everything for you, and make real estate investing for beginners or the experienced a straightforward and enjoyable experience.




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